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UD514 Urban Design Process & Theory Syllabus

Izmir Institute of Technology

Dept. of City and Regional Planning

2007-2008 Spring

Dr. Koray Velibeyoğlu

UD 514 Urban Design Process and Theory (3-0)

Course Description and Objectives:

This graduate course discusses the interrelationship of man and space, the basic components and concepts of urban design. In this context, the emphasis will be given to urban spatial design theories, urban design methods and techniques, and related theories on urban form and life.

This course has two main objectives: (1) to discuss the different theories and elements of urban form and life (2) to integrate these theories with the practical world through the series of class assignments on various occasions.

Teaching & Learning Methods:

Of each class time students are expected to discuss the readings for that week. Assessment of weekly readings is based on short summary reports that will be a part of term project. Other part of the term project is the compilation of class assignments aimed to integrate readings via given field study.

· Field Study: The content and location of field study will be coordinated by a tutor (see weekly program for details).

· Term project: portfolio of course assignments and weekly reading summaries.


No class exam scheduled for the course. Grading of the course will be on the following grounds:

Class Participation/Attendance:................................................................................... 10 %

1. Summary of weekly readings..................................................................................... 10 %

2. Class Assignments (Three Field Study and Take-Home).......................................... 35 %

3. Term Project (Summary Reports and Portfolio of Assignments)............................ 45%

Weekly Program:





Feb 20th

Introduction to Urban Form & Design

Introduction to the topic: Course Content, objectives and process


Feb 27th

Urban Design: Definitions, dimensions, roles

Key reading1: Gosling, D. (1984) Definitions of Urban Design, Architectural Design, Vol: 54, No: 1/2, pp.16–25.

Key Reading2: Schurch, T. (1999) "Reconsidering Urban Design: Thoughts about its Definition and Status as a Field or Profession" Journal of Urban Design 4, 1, pp.5-28.

Additional Reading: Tekeli, İ. (1994) Bir Kentsel Tasarım Kuramının Geliştirilmesi Üzerine Düşünceler, Ege Mimarlık, pp. 53-58.


Mar 5th

Sources of Urban Form & Spatial Design Theories

Key Reading1: Gelernter, M. (1995) Sources of architectural form, pp.1-35

Key Reading2: Trancik, R. (1986) “Spatial Design Theories”, Chpt.4, In Finding Lost Space, pp. 97-112.


Mar 12th

Assignment I, Field Study

Subject: Investigation of spatial design theories in Kemeraltı District


Mar 19th

Analysis of Urban Form & Design Elements

Key Reading: (1) Greene, S. (1992) Cityshape: Communicating and Evaluating Community Design, APA Journal, Vol: 177, pp.177-89.


Mar 26th

Assignment II, Field Study

Subject: Analysis of main urban form precedents in Kordon, Alsancak


Apr 2nd

The Context for Contemporary Urban Design

Key Reading1: Carmona et al. (2003) Public Places Urban Spaces, Part I, Chpt 3, Contexts for urban design, pp.36-57.

Key Reading2: Günay, B. (1999) Contents of Urban Design, pp.33-44.


Apr 9th

Urban Design as Public Realm

Key Reading: Gehl, J. (2004) “Outdoor space and outdoor activities”, In The Sustainable Urban Development Reader, pp.81-86.


Apr 16th

Dimensions of Urban Design

Key reading: Carmona et al. (2003) Public Places Urban Spaces, Part II, Chpt 9, The dimensions of urban design, pp.193-210.


Apr 23rd

No Class à National Holiday


Apr 28-May 2

European Workshop 08: Urban Historical Stratum, Agora.

Assignment III, Field Study

Subject: Reading and Sketching public realm, Agora


May 7th

Urban Design Process

Key reading1: Carmona et al. (2003) Public Places Urban Spaces, Part I Urban Design Today, pp.15-19.

Key reading2: Moughtin,C. (2003)Urban design:method and techniques, Definitions, pp.5-13.


May 14th

Implementing Urban Design

Key reading: Carmona, et al. (2003). Public Places Urban Spaces, Part III, Implementing urban design, pp.214-262.


May 21st

Assignment IV, Take-Home Study

Subject: Evaluation of selected urban design project implementations


Jun 2-6

Submission of Term Projects: compilation of course assignments and weekly reading summaries



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