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Sources of Architectural Form

Introduction: The central problem of design theory

Design process is the main question to be studied through time, to answer what is needed to create, form, realize a thing that defines where we live, what we use and how we live. In this essay the studied topic is some of the theories. This chapter tries to identify the process of design, more than a process of collecting data and processing it till a product is realized. This includes the search of the basis of the design both from the product’s and the producer’s entities. In the western philosophy these five theories are explained to clarify the search of this process.

The first to be explained is the intensive action of thing that are designed that effects the process, as the product itself will be having a use, the design process should be considering these needs to realize the final creation.

The other theory refers to the designer who has a creative mind and individual character, to form the thing. The designers idea is what the product is shaped accordingly.

Third theory is about the ”spirit of the age” or “zeitgeist” which means the time has its own character and identity to effect what is inside, so in design process problem we can approach this theory as the design having been effected by the period of time.

The fourth theory tells that beyond all properties or effects in the design process, the social or economic structure of the place where the process has been taken in will be effecting the product very much. As a design can be realized in a place due to economic conditions but not in a different location due another reason from social or economic conditions.

The last one is as a conclusion to all former theories, the general idea is all good architectural example ( acc. to whom ) will surely have common properties that we can have them generally as a basis for all processes.

The former theories listed above can partially define how the process works but, in fact what lies behind a creation can not be reduced to these theories. Every single design has its own information and meaning inside. However we can classify the design understanding and processes according to different perceptions. But we can not forsee any upcoming thoery in design process though we don’t have any clue about designs that will guide new things.

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