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Baykan GÜNAY-“Urban Design is a Public Policy”-

Scale: The macraform of a city is planned or designed at the macro scale. While Turkish towns are oil drop and concentrated on built-up areas,western towns are shaped as radially along corridors as extending infrastructure and transportation.

In urban design scale term can be thought as three level:
¨ Macro Scale:decision making processes and development strategies.
¨ Meso Scale: consists of image character and functional criteria
¨ Small Scale:3D expression of desicions

Urban design has multi dimensional sequences of actions these are clints, process, time and desicions.
Space – Place Dualism in Urban Design: space place dualism is taken different in this article. It is observed in terms of architecture and planning.
Architecture; is terminology based and consits of space mass relations
Planning; consits of place community integrity.

Succesfull urban space quality can be defined by those whom live in, perceive or observe it and inhabited an action or an activity.

Physical structure- Activity Structure: Urban form is the result of activities, adapted spaces and flows. The activities and flows among them build up the physical strucrure (adapted spaces and circulation) of cities and part of cities. If an new activity system is generating in a new development site it can be said that form follows function. How ever if the new activity system is to reside in an existing zone, a tension can be caused between form and function, hard areas, new functions, built up areas and new development zones.

Built-up Areas – New Development Zones: Built up areas are multi owner while new development zones are single owner. In built up areas, historic preservation lobby and politics make complicated and costly of new activity system adaptation process. On the other hand, in new development zones ımplementation process is easy. Design references are nature in new development zones but because of having post modern architecture and defined design skills in built up areas there is reference jam. Living spaces are definite and designed acoording to concern of sun and greenery.

Urban design – Civic Design: Especiallly these terms are used to define same thing. Civiv design covers the ceremonial or institutional aspects of the public realm, whereas urban design covers the whole city.

Public versus Private Sphere: In this article public and private terms are examined under the property relations. In this respect the meaning of private is clear and it refers to individuals and private corporations and their dominations over things. The meaning of public on the other hand, is more difficult and it ca be refers to common, communal, collective, social. Public requires the xistence of a political authority to regulate the private.

Design in one Property – Design for Many Property: Property is a basic task of urban transformations. It cause a distinction between architecture and urban deisgn. Architecture is defined by the demands of the owner and designers approach. Urban design takes the responsibility of the creation of urban context, design strategies for future development, ownership patterns and aesthetical considerations. Ownership patterns can be handled as a design variable which can be resolved in design process. Unification, subdivision of land and transforming the body of ownership should be considered in design action.

Object Design – Process Design: urban is the organizational matter rather than an object to be designed. Urban design is the process that guides the evaluation of urban environment which deals with the actor, finance, restrictions, time, strategy issues, on the other hand architecture of urban can be defined as a set of buildings/objects whether in large scale or not confronted for one client and in one property.


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