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This article focuses on the morphological dimension of urban design ;that is the layout and configuration of urban form and space and referred to traditional and modernist urban space system.Morphology provides urban designers to understandlocal patterns of development and processes of change.there several key elements for terms of setlements.Conzen considered four elements that are land uses, building structures, plot pattern and street pattern.
On the cotrary other key elements, the land uses are temporary. The changing uses lead to redevolopment and creation of new buildings and changes in the street pattern.
The building structures areleast resilient element same as land uses.plot have often a recognisable progression or cycle of building development.
The figure –ground diagrams shows differencee between traditional and modernist urban spaces. İn this diagram, the important point is that in the tarditional pattern buildings defined urban spaces and have some civic significance as religious or major public buildings, in modernist pattern buildings separate pavillions freestanding in a more generalised type of road and a coarsely meshed road grid.
Symbolic and financial buildings will last longer than others for a variety reasons.on the other hand other buildings survive only if they are able to adapt to new or changing uses.
The buildings of plots change more rapidly than plot patterns. Cadastral units are typically subdivided or platted into plots or lots. Plots are often amalgamated, but more rarely subdivided.
the cadastral pattern is the layout of urban blocks and,between them, the public space/movement channels or public network.in this part, term ‘palimpsest’ is an important metaphor for processes of change, where current uses overwrite, but naot completelly erase, the Marks of prior use. The other importance is permeability for urban design quality, establishe by cadastral pattern.it can be use like a measure of opportunity movement and related accesibility.permeability requares two measure elements that are visiual and phisical permeability.visiual refers to the ağabeylity to see the routes through an environment, phisical refers to the ability to move through an environment. blocks that is on the street define measure of permeability.for example, smaller bloks increase visiual permeability. Another thing that should be concerned is urban grids that are defomed in cours of time. The urban grid’s structure is the most powerful single determinant of urban movement.
The cadastral pattern establishes an urban area’s public network and is a key element in the broader concept of the capital web. Capital web requares public anad privite properties and provides to accomodates the overlapping realms of mpvement space and social space.
The traditional understanding relates to between social life and phisical enviroment and traditional pattern of urban space, building structures composes definete streets and also squares,. On the other hand in modernist urban space pattern building structures transforms to be an object in the undefined space.

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