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In this article the main point is design process and importance of scientific method in urban design. The process is explained over the oth architectural and planning design process, by this way new creative methods and process are tried to be appeared.

The RIBA practice and management handbook divides process into four phases as assimilation,general study, development and communication. The process is examined under defined sequences like analysis,synthesis, appraisal and desicion. Main difference between architectural and planning process is defined as feed-back. In planning method, process concerns about a large city areas and giving desicions for whole. At that point in some cases while appraisel can effect analysis, analysis can affect desicion

In design process also concept has an important role. In order to understand the role of concepts in design and their relationship it is useful to examine five principle scientific method; body of theory whic related to area, hypotheses which explains the phenomena studied, observations, emprical generalizations which derived directly from unique set of observation and body of desicion which contains acceptance or rejection of the hypotheses. For designers the point that scientific method hypotheses are formed or design process with survey and data collection is important for interventions. At the core of scientific method is asking the right questions because it is defining the problem which is the art of design. Besides this, applying the correct method can effect the whole solutions.

Urban design method is presented here as a simple progression starting with goal formation and ending with techniques of implementation. However design process is not linear, it is dialectical. Urban design method like planning method is related to main theoretical schools thought; public action in development. Here five categories as the synoptic, incremental, transactive, advocacy-oriented and radical traditions are defined and the method advocated here for urban design is very much in synoptic traditions of planning. It is apropriate at this method for the delivery of sustainable development and environmentally sound procedures in urban design.Synoptic planning is particularly well suited to the promotion of global and national environmental concerns and also the promotion of justice in the distribution of goods.


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