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Urban design process is taken over architectural and planning methods in this article. Urban design method is presented here as a simple progression starting with goal formation and ending with techniques of implementation. The main detail is design process is not linear, it is dialectical. Here, urban design method like planning method is related to main theoretical schools thought; public action in development and concerns feedbacks.

First of all, article examines design proocess over the RIBA practice and management handbook and according to this book design process is divided into four phases as assimilation,general study, development and communication. The process is examined under defined sequences like analysis,synthesis, appraisal and desicion. Main difference between architectural and planning process is defined as feed-back. In planning method, process concerns about a large city areas and giving desicions for whole. At that point in some cases while appraisel can effect analysis, analysis can affect desicion. To understand the role of concept in design and its relations it is examined under five principle of scientific method; body of theory, hypothesis, observations, emprical generalizations and body of desicion. Designers have been known o start the whole process with ideas for change and intervention where the scientific method hypothesis are formed, or may start with survey and data collection. It is classic procedure. However, urban design includes creative thinking and innovations.

Urban design method is an interative process, cyclical in nature. As it is mentioned above urban design method is related to the main theoretical schools thought and public action in development. The fundamental point in urban design process is the generation of ideas and design concept. For urban design method synoptic planning is the most appraciate category because of including the process of implementation with its techniques for feedback of information.

To sum up, public participation is a procedure which cam illuminate genuine alternative development strategies suggessted by people with a specialist local knowledge. With these caveats it apperas that the synoptic method of design advocated in this book is an appropraiate tool for delivering sustainable development.
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