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İn this article Thomas W. Schurch try to define urban design and determine status of urban design as a field or profession.ın addition,purpose of this article to answer the question: wht defines urban design today?
According to literature, in 1960s. Jon Lang mentioned that name of urban design is replaced civic design. The latter can be associated with American City Beatiful Movement of nineteenth century.However, today meaning of urban design isn’t clarity.There ara different deffinitions. For example, Kevin Lynch says that ıf it exists, ‘city design’ is thought to be branch of architecture.Similarly, David Mackay thought that easy than writing and its placed between planning and architecture. On the otherwise, Alan Kreditor says that we know what it is not.
In conclusion, the litherature contains some agreement as to what defines urban design. These catagories are :
Fundamental, superficial and cursory
Qualitative and prescriptive
Then Schurch gives a practical consideration and tell about thresholds of scale.Associated with the various venues is the issue of quality of life, particularly in terms of the public realm. Urban design practice can be grouped into five interrelated Project scale :1-the site-specific scale of an individual land parcel, 2-Neighbourhood of district, 3-An entire city, 4-The region in which a city lies, 5-Corridors in these group, schurch tries to find where urban design belongs such as architecture, planning or landscape architecture.
In conclusion, there must also be a development of theory born from practice whiche establishes the field’s boundaries. A field can also be a reconstitution of issues, concerns and questions as reflected in landscape architecture’s and urban planing’s partial evolution from architecture.And important point of article to cocern that urban design not be narrowly percieved as an extention of any one profession or area, and that it is clearly defined.

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