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This article focus on the central of problem of design theory: what is the source of an architect’s design ideas? And How is this idea generated, What influence its shape, from what is derived? This is the most importan question for urban theory. Otherwise, the theory try to explore what important theorists from the ancient world to the present have offered as the source of architectural form.and then it is also examine these theories within the broader context of the history of western philisopy. The following cahpter, İt also mentions five theories thatprovide the conceptual foundations for most of historical theories.
The first theory is that an architectural form is shaped by its intended function.in this theory, intension function is important for this process.İt cab be include social, symbolic, psychological and physical function.According to this theory, designer must find latently informations that are about client’s needs, climotological conditions, community value.However the theory of function alone cannot explain these other influences on the buildings form.
The secand theory is that architectural form is generated within the creative imagination. İn this theory, intuition of designer is important for ancreation of original form. So an original form never before seen magically blossoms in the brain and emerges from the pencil.
The third theory is that Architectural form is shaped by the prevailing spirit of the age. İn this theory, the period time is important in process of design. So ever age can give different things than preceding time.
The fourth theory is that Architectural form is determined by the prevailing social and economic conditions.this theory mentions some forces which effect designer.this forces are identified the methods of economic production and distribution prevalent in architect’s society.
The five theory is that Architectural form derives from timeless principles of form that tanscend particular designers, cultures and climates.this theory mentions about an universal form in architecture and it isn’t important what the particular cicumstances of the design problem, designer or culture.
All of these theories aren’t able to persuade about sourch of design ideas. So there is a paradox in Western theories of design.they can’t explain some issue that are related to eachother. These issues are to explain the creative individual in the generation, coercive influences, universally appplicable an timeless buity.These can’t explain completaly.And on the other hand there is an important problem that is subject-object in the design process.

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